Bound to be Provocative

Hello, Everyone.  Please allow me to introduce myself, and extend a warm welcome to my website.  I am Stephen Bolt, author of the forthcoming novel Seeds which is the first book in a series entitled The Heterogen Chronicles.  Please read the About section to learn a little more about myself.

So, you may just be asking yourself, “What exactly is this fusion fiction business all about?”  Here is an answer for you:  Fusion fiction is a mixture that does not fit snugly into a single category.  What makes my fiction “fusion”?  Some would argue that it is science-fiction, as it follows a classic rule: remove the “science” and the fiction falls apart.  Considering the nature of my work, this much is true.  But wait, there’s more.  It could also be classified as fantasy, as there are swords and magic.  There are also dreams and surrealism.  There is a lot of socio-political commentary, meant to provoke furious thought.  And let us not forget the healthy dose of erotica, meant to stimulate your libido.  I even sprinkled in some gardening and cooking.  With all that, why put my work into just another pre-defined category when I can make up my own?

If you would like to experience some fusion fiction yourself, please keep a look out at local bookstores in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area right around Thanksgiving 2015 to find Seeds for sale on their shelves.  I will provide links to where you can get a copy of the novel in e-book format once it is available…and will be providing some samples of the book on this site.

Ciao, for now…Stephen~