“Flowers” in bloom

Hello, Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog…and today I have a new update for you all.  This one is on Flowers, Book 2 of The Heterogen Chronicles.  The book is well under way, with about 45,000 words written in the first draft to date (Seeds was 146,000 words, and Flowers will be longer once completed.)  My Muse had been a bit slow waking up, but has rekindled her flame quite strongly recently.  So the fingers are furiously at work trying to keep up with my mind!

To give you a little tease on Flowers, it picks up where Seeds left off and follows Shade, Savina, and Anax as they journey back to Storm’s House to meet many new characters, learn new skills, develop new relationships, and go on more missions.  You will also learn more about their pasts, and those of other select characters in this book.

That’s all for now…but I will be back in time with more updates, and some teaser text for you.

Until then…ciao, Stephen~