October Update

Hello, My Friends,

It has been a while since I’ve posted, so here is an October update for you.  I am busy working away on Flowers, and am currently a little over 63 thousand words into the first draft, and about 2/3 through Act 1.  To give you perspective, Seeds was 146 thousand words, so expect this book to be significantly longer.

I received a “trailer” for Seeds from a promoter I had been, but will no longer be, working with…and was quite disappointed.  So that won’t be posted anywhere.  Without going on a total rant, I put the word “trailer” in quotes because I had sent some very specific requirements to the creators of this trailer that they seemed to either completely misunderstand or ignore.

Below is a link to another review of Seeds that also includes an interview I did with the writer.  Hopefully you will take a visit to read it and enjoy it:


Until next time…

Ciao, Stephen~