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As a writer, I am also an avid reader…and love to read the works of fellow self-published authors.  I read this story, and gave it a well deserved review of high praise on Goodreads.  The review and link are below…I would encourage you to read and enjoy it.

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The HaircutThe Haircut by Lusty Soul
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The Haircut” is a hot tale about Lucy – the protagonist and first person narrator – and Elbe, her newest love interest and also the stylist who is giving a haircut to Lucy as the story opens. It takes place during a very steamy couple of nights, that being both the weather and the interaction between Lucy and Elbe. They are quite a wonderful pair, dichotomous yet complementary in their appearance and demeanor. I found the writing of this piece to be top notch, nicely paced, and very arousing. Lucy’s voice as the narrator was wonderfully effective. Lusty Soul does a great job of delivering exciting erotica without steering into porn. There is some good tension and conflict built into the story with a family member of Elbe who is not so happy with her gender identification choices, and the end was anything but predictable. I also found some of the prose about gender choices very intriguing and thought provoking. Overall, I would highly recommend this sensuous, sexy story. But be warned, you may have to put it down a couple of times to relieve the tension.

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