Sewing Seeds ~ Teaser 1

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As Seeds, Book One of The Heterogen Chronicles, is scheduled for publication January 2016, it seemed appropriate to give you all a little tease, that is also aimed to please.  This is just the first of a few teasers I will give you throughout the month…so you may wish to check back soon.

Please see my previous blog entries “The Heterogen Chronicles” (for a little prelude to this, as it gives you some background on the story and the three main characters) and “Architecting the Narrative” (which describes the story’s overall structure).

From Act One, Part One of the novel, this is Scene 4…

[PLEASE NOTE: Seeds is intended for a mature audience.]


The Blue-Eyed Woman

Three years passed since his transfer from Farther Island to Xalek Manor. Just two weeks after, Shade was assigned as one of the Shields to accompany a party traveling to another Manor. The leader of the group was the Master of their Manor, Leondt Xalek, stepfather to Anax, whose biological father had died some years prior in a factory explosion in Thorne. Leondt came into this position from marrying Anax’ mother, Erra, a tall, slender woman with long crimson hair who wore a fine gold necklace with a teardrop ruby, set in the hollow of her collarbone. It was with these three that Shade and eleven other Shields, only two heterogens aside from himself, journeyed to their destination, Mordedt Manor, where Leondt was to meet with one Gorret Mordedt. They departed directly after breakfast and arrived in time for dinner. Two of the human Shields accompanied the visitors inside. The rest remained with the hexequines, fifteen in total. Shade and the other two heterogens were taken into the Manor by six of Gorret’s Shields, all humans.

They passed through an expansive entry room that had an oval shaped pool with a rather obscene statue of a naked woman.   Before this stood a fat, bald man wearing a long white, button down shirt. He was presenting to Leondt, Erra, and Anax three young women in white robes.

Shade caught a glimpse of them as Leondt was running his hand inside the robe of the first, a short, thick and buxom woman with chestnut hair and big lips. Beside her stood an incredibly tall and skinny woman with high standing breasts and straw colored hair cut just to her shoulders. The third woman was the one, the first human female to ever seriously catch Shade’s eye, and interest. She had long dark hair, an impressively athletic body, and deep blue eyes that brought to his mind wonderfully warm summer afternoons.

They exchanged very brief glances and suddenly everything and everyone else in the room but the two of them faded. In that moment he saw something in her eyes that he had rarely perceived in any human. Something he thought would only come from another heterogen born and raised in captivity. Something that could only be expressed by one who has been relegated to a life of subjugation. Something like understanding.

Then the butt of a shock rifle found the space between his shoulders and he was moved along. Taken to another room, stripped and guarded by two Shields with their shock rifles drawn, the hot muzzles glowing orange.

Two Doctors entered. Their masks were not those used by the Scientists at the Institution, but more simple affairs of light blue paper that covered their mouths and noses, held in place by elastic bands running around their ears.

First, Shade was strapped face down to one of the familiar exam tables, cold and metal, his tail held up by a Shield. Gloved fingers probed aggressively around and into his anus, followed by a slightly greased, metal shaft. They pushed in deeply. He pressed his eyes shut, clenched his teeth, steeled his muscles, but did not cry out. They were trained to maintain silence in any such situation, despite the pain being inflicted.   The shaft vibrated inside him and chirped to the Doctors who, at length, removed it, then talked among themselves about their pleasure with “the results.”

He was flipped over, laid flat on the table, and restrained at the throat and hips, wrists and ankles. Next came the needles, drawing something from his scrotum, from one testicle and the other. They drew blood from his arm, his neck. He was given a dental exam, saliva swabbed from his gums. Bright lights shot into his eyes, piercing pitches into his ears. More favorable words were exchanged between the Doctors.

Lastly they produced a square black box, about the size of his head, with a large hole in the bottom, several lights around the top, and a darkened display on one side. The Shields assisted with getting his penis inside the hole, strapped the box to his pelvis. One of the Doctors pressed some buttons below the display. It chirped to life. Shade felt the first subtle vibration.

The box began to shake, lights to blink. Both Doctors leaned their paper protected faces in for a closer look at the display. Shade felt something close around then pull at his penis. He was almost instantly erect. Then came a strong squeezing coupled with aggressive suction. Half of a minute later he ejaculated, with no measurable sensation of pleasure. His erection quickly faded to flaccidity. The box made a loud chime, and was swiftly removed.

Once he was dressed, Shade was taken back to the entry room with the pool. Leondt, Erra, Anax, and the other two heterogens were waiting, accompanied by the blue-eyed woman. She was now in a long red tunic, basil green cloak, and tall black boots. He assumed the humans had enjoyed dinner while he and the other heterogens were examined as they were promptly shown out of the Manor house. Rejoined with the Xaleks’ Shields, they mounted their hexequines. The new woman, a shock rifle over her shoulder, rode with Leondt. Erra, in her tightly fitted white dress that hung down to the ground, went back into the house. Apparently she intended to remain there while the rest of them would return to Xalek Manor. Leondt said something to her about waiting until morning, noting the setting sun. Erra, a riding crop held firmly in her right hand, advised him that they had planned for everyone, except herself, to leave after the heterogens had been inspected. And he would not be breaking her plans.

Shade thought it rather curious that they would be making their return through the night, but knew he was in no position to question.

They had not rode even a full hour when the sun had completed its descent beneath the horizon. Less than another hour later, the first shots came out of the woods. Blasts of blue split the transition from twilight to darkness, killing two of the Xalek Shields with piercing screeches. The next several minutes were hazy. Flashes of gun fire and a few lanterns provided chaotic lighting. Several figures emerged from the trees surrounding the road on which they rode, revolvers blazing. Three more Shields downed.

Leondt and Anax dismounted. Shade watched the blue-eyed woman as she jumped in front of Leondt with rifle drawn. She fired several rounds, downed a number of their attackers. Shade moved to her side and Anax hid behind them with Leondt, safe. Until more figures ambushed from the rear. Several shots fired, Leondt fell.

Shade saw the other Shields lying dead, all but two of their hexequines having already fled, and joined the woman. They gunned down the remaining attackers.

He approached one of the dead bodies, dressed in ill fitted clothes and wearing a dark, tightly knit cap. Shade lifted the attacker’s hand, confirming his suspicions. From their clothing it was obvious that they were Outlaws, but the tattoo on this one’s hand told him more. He looked to Anax, who was occupied with taking something from around the dead Leondt’s neck. “These are Czerko’s men,” he advised, speaking very clearly, in a manner some might consider authoritative, if not for his social situation.

“The Outlaw Chief?” Anax asked, his words short, almost clipped, as though rather than simply exiting his mouth they were falling off the edge of a cliff.

“Yes, sir,” Shade answered, holding up the Outlaw’s hand to show Anax the tattoo. A sphere with three spikes protruding from its center.

Anax looked at the tattoo only briefly. “We need to get out of here.”

“Returning to your Manor, sir?”

“No,” Anax stated flatly. “Shade, you take that hexequine. You,” he said, pointing at the blue-eyed woman, “will ride with me.”

“Where are we going, Master?” she asked in her strong tenor voice, words slightly drawn out.

“Kaliber.” With that, Anax mounted his hexequine, and the woman got on behind him. Shade leapt into the saddle of the last mount. They hastily left this scene of carnage behind. It would not be until they were in the room Anax secured in the City of Kaliber that Shade would learn the blue-eyed woman’s name.

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