Sewing Seeds – Teaser 2

Happy Monday, and thank you for tuning in again.

As promised last week, here is the second teaser for Seeds, Book One of The Heterogen Chronicles, scheduled for publication January 2016.

For this particular teaser, here is a little background, with some insight on the novel’s creation.  This is the first dream sequence of the book, in which there are several.  I chose this to be the first, and to share with you here, for a very significant reason.  The blue and orange serpent that makes its first appearance in this scene is a creature about which I personally dreamt, and that was a large motivation for the novella version of this story that eventually became a novel.  In my dream, I was sitting on my bed and the serpent climbed under the sheets and bit my thigh.

From Act One, Part Two of the novel, this is Scene 5…

[PLEASE NOTE: Seeds is intended for a mature audience.]

Glides Across Dark Water

She lies in a pool of water so dark that she cannot see through its surface. A slender crescent moon and more stars than she could ever hope to count fill a cloudless sky. The pool is in a field of tall grass that sways gently to the soft whisper of a cool breeze. All but her head under the water, she focuses on the bank of the pool nearest her feet and a slight parting in the grass made by a narrow trail. She stands, finding the water to be only deep enough to come halfway up her knees. Behind her is an area of flat rocks, perfect for basking. She steps onto them. Her wet hair feels thick, heavy. She bends to the side, wrings it like a towel, shakes her head wildly, hair cascading over her shoulders. Silvery droplets of water rain down around her, on the rocks, the tall grasses. In the light of the stars she stretches, arching her body in a curve to match the crescent moon.

Subtle movement along the trail. She turns, crouches, readies herself, but sees no figure approaching. Weapons are close, yet she lowers her eyes, to gaze at her own reflection in the pool.

She looks up. Under the moon and carpet of stars appears a serpent, slithering along the trail. Commanding her attention. It approaches the pool, pauses, tastes the air with its tongue. The serpent glides across dark water as though sliding on a pane of glass. As it nears she reclines upon the rocks, propped just slightly on her elbows, watches.

The serpent’s scales are in alternating colors, ice blue and fire orange. It pauses at her feet, flicks its tongue at her long, elegant toes. She spreads her legs welcomingly and it moves slowly between her thighs, darts its tongue at her, once, twice. Glides onto her torso, slick cool scales against warm skin. Its weight is joyful. Thick muscle sliding over her navel, between her breasts. Toward her long, naked throat.

Head lifted, the serpent’s tongue flitters over her face. Her eyes are drawn to its creamy white underbelly as something behind her captures its interest. Taking the route behind her neck and under her hair, it wraps around her throat, a living collar. She leans her head back to observe a bush with fat green leaves and dark red, olive shaped berries large enough to occupy the better part of her palm.

The blue and orange serpent stretches forward, opens its jaws. She feels slightly hypnotized as long, curved fangs bite down on a berry. Red, red juices ooze from the punctured flesh, splashing down, onto her forehead.

She closes her eyes as the serpent’s body tightens around her throat. The sweet juices run down her lids, over her cheeks. Into her open mouth.

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