Sprouting Seeds – Publication Update 1

Happy Wednesday to You All…or whatever day it may be when you are reading this.  I am writing on January 13, 2016 and wanted to give you all an update on the publication of Seeds.

Currently, the manuscript is in the formatting stage…making sure the margins and page numbers are all happy, that justified text is properly aligned…and on and on.  Once this is done, there is some file conversion that goes on, after which I will be reviewing two proofs.  The first of these will be a digital proof, simply to ensure that it looks correct.  The second will be the first paperback copy of the book, which I will be reading to ensure – one last time – that there are no errors and that all looks the same in print as it does on screen.  After that, the e-book distribution file is created and magically Seeds will be available all over the web.

I will post more information as we draw closer to the publication date…perhaps a Valentine’s present in the making…

Ciao, for now, Stephen~