Sprouting Seeds – Publication Update 3

Happy Tuesday to You All…or whatever day it may be when you are reading this.  I am writing on March 8, 2016 and wanted to give you all another update on the publication of Seeds.

The manuscript has passed the formatting review, and I am now reading the physical proof of the novel.  I must tell you, my friends, that it is quite the experience to hold  the actual book that has been, for me, a long time in creating.  I am a little over half way through the novel, and have found a number of minor errors that will be corrected for the final version.  Then it goes to print.  After that, the e-book distribution file is created and magically Seeds will be available all over the web.

I will post more information as we draw closer to the publication date…keep looking for an April Fool in the making…

Ciao, for now, Stephen~