Sprouting Seeds – Publication Update 4

Happy Wednesday to You All…or whatever day it may be when you are reading this.  I am writing on April 6, 2016 and wanted to give you all another update on the publication of Seeds.

Since the last update, I have read the physical proof of the novel, which yielded a few minor corrections.  Then, after resubmitting, it turned out there was an issue with page numbers that, literally, took a couple of weeks to correct.  The magic of converting a Word document to PDF also presented its own challenges, but, hopefully, that is now all worked out and complete.  The final submission is now in the hands of the good folks at CreateSpace and, if all turns out find this time around, Seeds will be going to print.

For the print version, it will appear on the CreateSpace e-store immediately.  It will be on Amazon in about 3 – 5 days.  In 7 – 10 days it will be available for Kindle – and if you don’t have a Kindle, just download the app for your tablet/phone…it works great.

I will post again once it is actually for sale, with an image of the cover, and the URLs for where it can be found and purchased, as well as some local localities that will have physical copies in paperback.

On another note, once Seeds is published, I will continue working on – and posting updates about – Flowers, Book Two of The Heterogen Chronicles.  Along with this, and a bunch of promotion for Seeds, I will be doing more blogging here on topics beyond the books and the series.  So, please stay tuned…

Ciao, for now, Stephen~