Stephen Bolt in the Flesh

Hello, again…and welcome back,

Here is a little update for you all about my upcoming appearance at the ConClave Science Fiction Convention.  Click here for the full site and all the details of the event, happing October 9 – 11, 2015.  Personally, I will only be able to attend on Saturday, October 10th, but have an even more busy day now planned than mentioned in the previous post.

This will be my itinerary:

12 pm – Self-editing…how much to do yourself before paying someone else

1 pm – Round Robin – a bunch of authors take turns reading scenes from their works, give each other some feedback, and welcome lots of audience participation

2 pm – Story Structure – what will work best for you?  …attend and find out!

4 pm – “The Match Game” – a Moderator reads a line from a sci-fi book or movie to 3 authors and the audience.  Each author writes down their guess, then every audience member who matches one of the author answers gets a point.  I’m assuming whomever gets the most points gets a prize 8^)

Well, hoping very much to see you all there.  I will have my fancy new business cards on hand, aside from myself, but that is about it for the promo biz until later this year.

Dateline: October 20, 2015 – Update…

So, I went to ConClave with some pretty big expectations, but unfortunately these were not met.  The issue?  Attendance.  I was advised to expect anywhere from 250 – 500 people at the event, but I would be surprised if there were even 50 people there.  In each session, there were about 6 people in the audience.  The highlight of the day was “The Match Game” which drew more like 15 attendees…and I had fun with the other panelists.  Guess I’ll chalk this up to a lessons learned event.  At least I got to sign one guy’s program book.  A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.

Ciao for now, Stephen~