The Heterogen Chronicles

Good Day, My Friends,

This post is a little bit about my series The Heterogen Chronicles, the first installment of which is my forthcoming novel (for sale circa Thanksgiving 2015) Seeds.  The Chronicles follows the adventures of three particular characters, Shade, Savina, and Anax.  These three, who have all been used and abused in one form or another all of their lives, become swept up in a revolution that plays out over the course of the novels.  Here is the “elevator pitch” for Seeds:

Seeds is a dystopian adventure set in a world of genetic modification taken to Frankensteinian levels, as told through the eyes of three characters: a mutant bodyguard, a young concubine, and their speculative master.  This is a tale of bizarre dreams, cross-species breeding, and an overdue revolution in which these three, assisted by some old and new friends, must face their most villainous personal demons with only two possible outcomes: death, or victory.

To give you a little more…here is the “blurb” that will be on the back cover of the novel:

Their world is ruled by ruthless Petroleum Barons.  Strict social order is kept in the streets by brutal Enforcers.  Unbridled Scientists have been commissioned to take genetic modification to Frankensteinian levels.  And the frequent attacks of pillaging Outlaws keep citizens beholden to an exploitive system.

Three characters have come to a unique situation.  Shade is a heterogen – a humanoid hybrid with canine features, and instincts – born into a life of servitude.  Savina is a concubine and bodyguard, a role she was unwillingly forced into at a vulnerable age.  Anax is their Master, but only because he, thanks to Shade and Savina, survived an attack meant to kill them all.

Suddenly finding themselves swept up in a revolution they never knew existed, each must make an important choice that will map the course of their future.  But they soon learn that joining the cause is not simply a matter of taking up arms and marching to the front.  To prove their worth they must visit the enigmatic Engineer and undergo a mysterious test.

Join Shade, Savina, and Anax as they navigate the perils of their unfortunate circumstances.  Experience a wondrous journey of self discovery, eerie dreams, unleashed magic, and cross-species breeding.  Then brace for the ultimate challenge when these three must confront their most terrifying demons with only two possible outcomes: death, or victory.

At this point you may well be asking yourself…”Just what is a heterogen?”  To answer that, let me give you a little sample from the novel itself:

They were the final result of an official program that began many, many decades ago and ultimately led to the hybrid of human and animal.  Heterogen, the term, came from a shortening of heterogeneous, as the Scientists coined the mutants they had created.  But there were only certain types for which they had discovered sufficient genetic compatibility, so the variety remained limited: Canis, like himself, made from canines; Capris made from goats; and Felis from felines.

So…there you go.  Hopefully this gives you a pretty good taste for Seeds and The Heterogen Chronicles…a bit of an appetizer, if you will.  Soon, I will be serving the main course…and you are invited to the table.

Ciao, for now…Stephen~